One Step Cloud

One Step Cloud implements tiering and s3 gateway into a blockchain-based storage platform

It’s an exciting cooperation, and an opportunity to further bridge the gap between cloud computing and blockchain technology. One Step Cloud will apply the knowledge acquired working on the our proprietary IaaS to improve the elasticity and functionality of 0chain’s dStorage platform.

dStorage is a decentralized storage platform, using blockchain technology to split a file into several shards, individually encrypt those shards and send them to different storage servers. The servers have separate cryptographic keys and cannot be breached unless someone posesses a subset of them. Data stored with dStorage is redundant, and streamed in parallel to all the servers.

Until now, data could only be uploaded to dStorage via command-line interface. One Step Cloud will equip dStorage with a more user-friendly way of uploading data, through networking standard s3 gateway.

Storage tiering, also implemented by OSC, will automatically place data on the most optimal decentralised storage tiers, basing on usage patterns.

This approach is becoming essential as the volume of data stored at dStorage, and the amount of used storage appliances has grown substantially in the past few months.