One Step Cloud


  • What form of payments are accepted?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

  • How am I billed?

    You must configure your machine before the billing cycle begins. You only pay for what you use.

  • Am I charged while my virtual machine is powered off?

    You are only billed for the allocated storage if your virtual machine is powered off.

  • How am I charged for resources?
    Resources costs are:
    • Processor
    • RAM memory
    • Primary disk
    • Additional disks
  • How is my Virtual Machine price settled?

    Virtual Machine price consists of resource cost and license cost. Price for resources is calculated hourly and license cost is based on license period. For Example: You Virtual Machine will be working for 1,5 months, resources cost will be calculated precisely for every used hour. License cost, assuming that the license lasts for one month, will be billed two times, for every month of usage.

  • What currencies do you accept?

    Currently we only accept USD.

  • Can I change my credit card in your billing system?

    Yes. You can always add/delete additional credit cards. The only requirement is that you have at least one active credit card must be assigned to the account.

  • Can I get an invoice for your services?

    Yes. After each billing cycle you can find your invoice and aggregated summary of resources usage in your account Billing ->Invoices. You can download these .pdf files for a period of 12 months.

  • Can I view current service/resources usage?

    Yes. Every time you log into your account, you can see the number of aggregated resources used by each assigned user.

  • Can I cancel my services and delete my account?
    Yes. Before cancelling your services or deleting your account, we strongly recommend that you make sure all of your data has been backed up outside of the One Step Cloud infrastructure. The cancellation/delete submission is your authorized approval for us to delete and cancel all of your services and data stored in our infrastructure. One Step Cloud is not liable for any data loss if you do not have a copy of your data our side of our infrastructure. Please refer to the One Step Cloud SLA and Terms and Condition for additional information. Before deleting your account, you must cancel all services you are using. If you account does not contain any services, you can simply delete your account.

    To delete your account you must be the primary user of your group.

    • Go to “Delete account” page in the “Account settings” category.
    • On the to-do list you can see actions needed for removing the account, that have to be done before deleting the account.
    • Generate your final invoice for services that are used in current billing cycle.
    • Go to “Invoices” to settle it.
    • Go back to the “Delete account” page. Clicking on button “Delete account” it will log you out and delete the account.
  • I have created the machine, now what?

    You must configure your machine in order to begin using resources. Please refer to our Technical Documentation for additional help.

  • How many users can access my machine? off?

    The group has no user limit, you can invite as many users as you need. Users must be provided with permission to have access to your infrastructure. Users can have full or partial permission to any of your Virtual Machines. Use our Technical Documentation Managing Users for help in setting up user permission.

  • How do I contact support?

    To send a support request, go to “Create ticket” view in the “Support” category. In the form select category of the problem, title the subject with the problem, describe the problem. If your request is concerning Service Level Agreement, go to the “SLA request” form.

  • What is support response time?

    Maximum response time is four hours from request submission.

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