SMP Case Study

About SMP

Standard Motor Products, Inc. is a leading independent manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for motor vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry with a complementary focus on heavy duty, industrial equipment and the original equipment service market. SMP is organized into two major operating segments, each of which focuses on specific lines of replacement parts; 1) Engine Management Segment manufactures and remanufactures ignition and emission parts, ignition wires, battery cables, fuel system parts and sensors
for vehicle systems; 2) Temperature Control Segment manufactures and remanufactures air conditioning compressors, air conditioning and heating parts, engine cooling system parts, power window accessories, and windshield washer system parts. SMP products are sold throughout
the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and in many other countries around the world.


The Challenge

SMP faced the classical need to further its investments in IT resources. SMP IT required additional resources with a quick turn around to continue to sustain rapid growth.  SMP was seeking a reliable dedicated datacenter for their need to expand their business operations.

Why OneStepCloud

SMP needed an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform to migrate their operations rapidly into the cloud minimizing downtime for their business operation. Evaluating competing services OneStepCloud offered the most cost effective solution for a quick and better availability and reliability of resources on demand.

SMP selected OneStepCloud to allow them to virtualize their existing physical servers (MS Exchange server, ADdomain controller/file and print server) to quickly move to the OneStepCloud platform. SMP was able to increase their resources by using on demand services of which as a result eased their access to dedicate as needed CPU, RAM and Storage. This process ensured reliability of the virtual machines through infrastructure redundancy mechanisms (HA cluster). SMP migration proved to be easy with not a single impact or downtime to their business. They increased the amount of resources more than twice since migration occurred to help scale their business as appropriate. OneStepCloud unique option of the availability of snapshot of the SMP virtual infrastructure to administrator’s as needed was a great plus in the decision making factor to migrate operation onto the OneStepCloud. SMP also wanted to ensure they had access to the virtual servers backups on a monthly bases. OneStepCloud offered SMP monthly copies on DLT by provisioning of the centralized backup to their virtual servers on a timely schedule.

Additional benefits provided through OneStepCloud is the offer of all database server co-location in the datacenter and provision of communication with the virtual servers through a 10Gbps LAN links to maintain SMP’s environment integration. OneStepCloud protection of the entire infrastructure through redundant power lines, cooling systems and video monitoring systems. OneStepCloud ease of access to problem resolutions for SMP through our dedicated HELPDESK system for reporting problems has proven invaluable to their business model.

The Benefit of Migrating to OneStepCloud

Migration to the OneStepCloud enabled SMP to focus directly on their operating activity. SMP access to corporate resources has significantly improved which is directly reflected in the efficiency of SMP’s employees production output.

SMP IT systems security has been raised significantly through the use of High Availability and data storage system redundancy. The great ease in obtaining further resources has proved to SMP a greater value because it now allows SMP to quickly implement new projects through infrastructure ease of scalability requiring IT resources within a very short time, letting SMP benefit in investment costs optimization.

SMP selection of OneStepCloud is a result of OneStepCloud ability to minimized risk through OneStepCloud Dell Premier Partner agreements, increased processing SLA -T3 DataCenter, providing the ability to move 90% of the time dedicated for supervising IT infrastructure to business development and adopt new business needs while reducing costs from CAPEX to OPX.

“The use of OneStepCloud resources allowed us to grow our business rapidly through OneStepCloud high systems availability while optimizing the costs of information systems.”

Said Piotr Sosnowski, Managing Director SMP

SignKloud Case Study

About SignKloud

SignKloud is a startup company providing a cloud based advertising platform through a digital advertising space and programming services on Out-of-Home media, retail, hospitality, trade show and event markets. Company is globally based, with teams in Silicon Valley, California and Shenzhen, China.

SignKloud is an Ad program that is integrated for use in show providing a packages for sponsors, exhibitors, and participating companies. A company would use SignKloud one or more sets of ADxSCAPE – ultra bright, HD, slim, 12ft x 7ft, portable LED display to run campaigns and ad services by using the SignKloud CAMPAIGN cloud and SHOW FLOOR mobile app.

The Challenge

SignKloud needs are to push a large amount of video/audio content for its customers using a SignKloud application accessible to their customers. The only way to process a large amount of video content is to build a platform in a cloud environment where access can be made easily from anywhere and at any time. Cloud storage and compute power was a crucial component of the business to be able to store video/audio and quickly deliver content to their customers. SignKloud was looking for a reliable, secure and scalable hosted service to initially develop the application and be able test out their application both in production in live mode.

As a startup costs play a key role in survival and the ability to scale on an as needed basis was an important consideration in evaluating alternatives in getting the business off the ground. Using a traditional storage device in the office would mitigate growth and require continuous expenditure on hardware. The company already has to manage the portable LED display for its customers, there was no interest in worrying about more hardware. SignKloud was looking to develop and deploy as quickly as possible and a cloud hosting service would better suite their needs for both development and growth.

Why OneStepCloud

SignKloud requirements is the ability to push content quickly onto an LED devices to ensure that customers are able to quickly update their content. Cloud based push of content means that content can be changed on demand at any time, hence having minimal latency and a guaranteed uptime is essential. OneStepCloud guarantees monthly availability of services at the level of 99.95%. In order for OneStepCloud to meet these high standards, OneStepCloud provides a credit if under any circumstances OneStepCloud fails. SignKloud also selected OneStepCloud for its ability to provide a secure hosting environment. As content is pushed in the cloud to their customers, SignKloud is at risk of intruders and trolls to step up activities against SignKloud, which is exactly what happened. With a sophisticated Intrusion Detection System at OneStepCloud we noticed a large volume of what looked like malicious and suspicious activities that were processing in the SignKloud system. OneStepCloud took quick action and contacted SignKloud to notify them of the unusual activities. It was discovered SignKloud was hacked. SignKloud was in a position of potentially losing its development for malicious activities. However with OneStepCloud ability to mirror backups and daily backup, OneStepCloud reverted the SignKloud platform to the last saved requested activity to bring SignKloud back to normal operations. OneStepCloud proactive approach in ensuring a secure platform for our customers was essential in no lost work for SignKloud. SignKlouds was very pleased that malicious activity was caught quickly. SignKloud initiated additional security entry ports by strengthen their password through all the passes of access.

Security does not stop at only malicious activities. OneStepCloud protection of the entire infrastructure through redundant power lines, cooling systems and video monitoring systems is another step in ensuring customers ease in knowing their business is in safe hands. OneStepCloud quick action through our dedicated HELPDESK worked together with SignKloud to resolve any additional issues faced in their course of development.

The Benefit of deploying in the OneStepCloud Platform

OneStepCloud enabled SignKloud to work on their development and build an application for their customer base both in production and live operations without the worry of maintaining their own storage device. Leveraging on the OneStepCloud solution with access to resources as they needed them, helped SignKloud test out their adpace cloud environment. SignKloud tested out different scenario capacity by increasing and decreasing video content size and using OneStepCloud flexible ability to increase/decrease resources as needed. SignKloud under these circumstances was able to better manage their budget and offer their customers the most efficient opportunity while maximizing returns for both SignKloud and SignKloud customers. The great ease in obtaining resources has proven to be a cost saving and ease of scalability.

“We saved significant cost without worrying about maintaining our own storage device. The great ease in obtaining resources by increasing and decreasing video content helped us quickly scale our AdSpace cloud serve to our customers..”

Said Mark Mah, CEO SignKloud, Inc.