OneStepCloud is redefining the structure of conventional cloud hosting models. Designed to be truly flexible, it provides a platform for deploying cloud solutions that help scale, manage and operate applications for any business requirements – including IoT.



OneStepCloud brings you closer to the edge by distributing cloud nodes exactly where data is created while providing a capability for more resource-intensive processes in a central cloud.

A distributed OneStepCloud IaaS solution offers deployment of a wide range of products from storage, virtual machines, dedicated servers, GPU/FPGA environments, to customized solutions.

Our simple and user-friendly platform provides cloud hosting companies with a range of services to meet their customers’ infrastructure demands.

Why Build An Edge Cloud?

With the OneStepCloud IaaS solution, edge capacity in your data center can support innovative business opportunities in all verticals.

With the proliferation of IoT and the upcoming 5G commercialization, edge computing is transforming the cloud capability landscape to help meet the vastly increased demand for more processing power and faster applications.

Deploying an Edge Cloud solution for today’s demands on datacenters provides the performance and low latency associated with edge optimized cloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting providers can create for their customers the flexibility to easily scale from a single server into a multi-rack solution through remote upgrades and configuration management

Scalable Solution

Unlike conventional cloud solutions, OneStepCloud allows you to start small, and expand as needed – transparently and painlessly. Under your own brand, you can expand services to your existing customer base while attracting new customers in a flexible and agile environment on the edge.

Implementing a cloud solution with OneStepCloud offers unique values:

  • 🠺 Low barriers to entry (flexible financing)
  • 🠺 Price transparency and linear billing model
  • 🠺 Service portfolio expansion and new revenue source
  • 🠺 Strengthening your brand by offering the cloud solution under your own name

By connecting multiple smaller cloud nodes into one infrastructure, you can provide the right solution to meet individual customer’s on-premise needs.

OneStepCloud cloud hosting processes edge computing can assist in:

  • 🠺 Software-defined solutions
  • 🠺 Branch and microdata centers
  • 🠺 Hybrid cloud connectivity
  • 🠺 IoT processing
  • 🠺 Connecting entire networks of devices
  • 🠺 Asset tracking
  • 🠺 Streamline research
  • 🠺 Reducing latency for specific services
  • 🠺 Supporting delivery requirements for latency-sensitive data points and applications

Moving Towards the Edge

According to a recent Futurum Research Edge Computing Index report:

When asked how they plan to combine Edge Computing and Cloud Computing specific to data center applications, 35.6% of surveyed businesses indicated that they are currently looking for solutions to help them combine Edge and Cloud Computing.

With its superior connectivity, immediacy, and ability to generalize data protocols, edge computing simply makes more sense for production, manufacturing, and data analysis applications.  By offering your customers OneStepCloud Solution under your own brand, you offer them:

  • 🠺 Physical & Virtual Resources with an option to scale as needed
  • 🠺 A Central Cloud in your data center and edge nodes on customer premise
  • 🠺 Dedicated, private, high-performance non-metered access
  • 🠺 Ultimate and consistent security – Direct Connection
  • 🠺 Reliability – Resources In The Same Location
  • 🠺 No billing transfer
  • 🠺 Capex/Opex flexibility

Building an Edge Cloud for Your Business

A competitive value in using OneStepCloud is that it allows your customers to focus on their core business and not worry about computer infrastructure and maintenance.  Our tried and tested infrastructure, cloud resources and applications bring economies of scale to you and your customers.

The solution provided includes:

  • 🠺 Ready & easy to use multi-site cloud services platform for VM’s & dedicated hardware, operated by OneStepCloud. Platform functionalities include:
    • ➭ Setting price lists
    • ➭ User helpdesk center
    • ➭ User reports
    • ➭ User’s infrastructure monitoring
    • ➭ Settings configuration
  • 🠺 GPU/FPGA
  • 🠺 The whole infrastructure managed from a single point
  • 🠺 Availability to move VM’s between sites
  • 🠺 Two levels of management and administration:
    • ➭ Company – main admins
    • ➭ Department – local admins with permissions granted by main administrators
  • 🠺 3 lines of support with 24/7 access
  • 🠺 Developers team for tailored solutions
  • 🠺 VMware certified engineers supporting migration & connections between your cloud platform and local cloud(s) within an organization(s)
  • 🠺 Necessary training
  • 🠺 Marketing support for your sales process
End-users are provided with a highly workable interface, customized and tailored to your company’s visual identity. The functionalities available include:
  • 🠺 Open REST API
  • 🠺 Virtualization supported by VMware vSphere
  • 🠺 A marketplace of Virtual Machines with preinstalled software
  • 🠺 Enterprise level VMware HA
  • 🠺 Central cloud computing management from the client’s panel,
  • 🠺 Software firewall SSL VPN support
  • 🠺 Administration panel
  • 🠺 Ability to export reports in .xlsx and .pdf formats
  • 🠺 Independent management of CPU resources, RAM and storage

Fully proven concept

Trusted partners

Availability guarantee

We guarantee the availability of services with a monthly uptime of  99.95% in each billing cycle.

Additional services and support include:

  • 🠺 IT administration
  • 🠺 Backup
  • 🠺 Microsoft license lease
  • 🠺 RedHat license sales, Suse Linux Enterprise Server
  • 🠺 Additional space on the disk array