About OneStepCloud

OneStepCloud is a leading cloud service provider that prides itself on simplicity allowing Small to Medium size Business and Enterprises scale their business operations onto the cloud. With a click of a single button, customers can take advantage of cost savings by leveraging the latest OneStepCloud platform offering a wide range of capabilities from storage, virtual machines, database, analytics, application, deployment, to customized solutions. With an upfront transparent cost model customers have the flexibility and ability to quickly scale their business on an as need basis anytime. OneStepCloud offers a safe, secure, reliable and private platform by applying the latest up to date security methodologies eliminating security risk and giving our customer’s piece of mind. OneStepCloud safeguards your business growth with a reliable and redundant high performance, secure and an environmentally energy efficient infrastructure. OneStepCloud – your cloud services partner helping you grow your business. Get Started today and easily deploy to the cloud.  Learn more about our product offerings, specifications and key advantages.

OneStepCloud History

The OneStepCloud team has a long history (since 1997) in high level IT managed infrastructure services. From the very beginning we specialized in providing the highest level of IT and Infrastructure services. In spite of the fact that in 1997 internet was something new, we always had the forefront to bring customers products and solutions that best fit their organization’s needs. Our wealth of experience in hosting services along with a group of trained specialists, under OneStepCloud we are able to achieve the most sophisticated IT service demands. We keep on extending the list of our services and solutions to prepare a future-directed offer. We wish to provide our clients with access to new technologies, because we know such support will be our input in their success and a foundation of tightening our relationship as partners in future.

We do believe that your visit here will become the beginning of our effective cooperation and success in your business.

Technology partners

OneStepCloud has been working closely with Microsoft in the development and implementation of the latest IT technologies, granting us the Gold Server Platform competency, a confirmation of the highest level of knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft technologies.

The Gold Server Platform competence is a certificate of our ability to deliver cost-effective, optimal solutions that increase productivity, security and control, and manage servers in the Microsoft Windows Server platform. Obtaining the Gold Server Platform competence recognizes and promotes high performing partners with a proven track record by having the best training, skills and marketing resources to collaborate with current and future customers.

OneStepCloud is a certified Enterprise and Professional Solution Provider for VMware. VMWare partnership certification is one of the most prestigious certificates in sales and training. VmWare’s exceptional marketing and sales tools enable us to deliver to our customers proven technology and valued expertise.VMware has unique opportunity to support providers in developing their businesses on the vCloud infrastructure – through its leading position in the virtualization industry and visionary assumptions for the vCloud model.Partnership with VMware allows OneStepCloud to offer diversification, and accelerating opportunities for development.

The OneStepCloud team are experts in hardware, software and services creating efficiencies and eliminating IT complexities as a Premier Partner in Dell’s Partner Direct program. The OneStepCloud team earned the highest level of certification in Server Storage, Systems Management, Networking & Security and Cloud Services & Solutions allowing us to provide enhanced Dell technology solutions and even better service for our customers.In addition, our OneStepCloud technical team are certified Dell Professional Service Consultants that are able to work with our customers to build simple to complex solutions in a virtual network to a hybrid network from proof of concepts to installation, configuration, integration and maintenance of your system.
OneStepCloud is Here to Serve Our Customers With the Highest Level of Technical Expertise Enabled by Partner Support


Mariusz Prószyński

Mariusz Prószyński is the co-founder and President of One Step Cloud Inc. and the Executive Vice President of Intratel LLC. Mariusz brings more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector serving SME’s to large corporations such as Philips, SMP and others, delivering IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions. Mariusz attributes his success to hard work and customer dedication. He has been instrumental in providing a highly specialized and individualized IT services which resulted in obtaining a world class Dell Professional Services status and Dell Partner of the Year status. To build on his endeavor and serve customer demand globally, Mariusz has been leading his team and expanding rapidly the development of customer cloud products services. Mariusz holds an M.Eng. degree in IT.

Krzysztof Bielawski

Krzysztof Bielawski, CTO of OneStepCloud, is an energetic and passionate IT engineer with strong analytical skills. Krzysztof has been the visionary behind the development of OneStepCloud products and services. His mission is to simplify the process by allowing our customers to quickly access and easily work in their own cloud platform. Krzysztof is also responsible for the configuration, installation and management of OneStepCloud datacenter operation and customer services. Krzysztof brings more than 20 years of experience in IT with extensive technological knowledge and proven success in research and solution design. Krzysztof is a sought out lecturer in cloud computing technologies and R&D projects. Krzysztof holds a doctorate in Telecommunication, Master in Computer Science and a Minor in Business Administration.

Viren Singh

Viren Singh, is the EVP of Business Development of OneStepCloud, spearheading customer acquistions through a partner driven ecosystem. Viren is involved in all aspects of the OneStepCloud business strategy and growth roadmap. He has been involved with OneStepCloud from the beginning providing market insights and guidance to the technical team on the development of the platform. With over 20 years of sales and business development expertise in the IT Infrastructure and Datacenter space having worked with companies such as (Netcom, AboveNet, Qwest Communications, BAIS, Inc.) he brings a wealth of knowledge and deep customer relationships. Viren continues to work with our customers and partners to better understand their business problems by offering the most effective solutions to ensure the best customer experience. As an entrepreneur Viren is also an active advisor and investor to many early stage technology start-ups.

Sara Rauchwerger

Sara Rauchwerger, Senior Vice President Business Development of OneStepCloud, is responsible for business strategy, customer and partner acquisition for delivery of an easily configured cloud hosting products and services. Sara has been instrumental in cultivating technology companies, with data driven products and services to help them leverage on the OneStepCloud platform to allow them to quickly scale their business operation onto the cloud. She has been working closely with the OneStepCloud team to foster a customer focused platform through a feedback loop to deliver the best product for our customers. Sara brings more then 20 years of experience in business development and business strategy in the Telecommunications and IT sector. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration in International Business. Sara is a sought out speaker and lecturer around the world.